Mt.Meakan(1499m)and Mt.Akanfuji(1476m)are two of the tallest volcanoes in Akan-Mashu National Park. Mt.Meakan,a composite volcano with 10peaks,is an iconic symbol of the park and powerful geological forces that define it.Mt. Meakan is an active volcano.Alpine plants are in bloom near the summit.
※All three trailheads are far from the surrounding towns and the Lake Akan Onsen Hot Springs area, so access to the trailheads requires a cab or private car.

Lake Onneto Trail Map


Meakan Onsen Trail

This course is the most popular of the three courses on Mt. Meakan. This course starts from Meakan Onsen and is popular because it is the shortest and easiest to climb, although the gradient is steep.

Onneto Trail

This course is a climb from the Onneto National Campground to the summit of the mountain. Mt.Akanfuji can be reached from a junction along the way. The distance is longer than the Meakan Onsen Course, although the slope is gentler.

Akankohan Trail
Distance:approx. 6.3km(one-way)

this course is the longest of the three trails, but the grade is gentle and you can enjoy the views of the active volcano as you climb. The trail starts from the west end of Akanko Onsen Hot Spring resort and climbs 6 km up the Hurebetsu Forest Road (often covered with fallen rocks).
*Furebetsu Forest Road is usually used from the beginning of July to the middle of October