Facility Information

At the AkankohanEco Museum Center, visitors can view exhibits, listen to explanations, and experience nature (topography, flora and fauna) in the Akan area of Akan-Mashu National Park. The Visitor Center also offers guided tours of the walking trails for a fee.

There are various corners in the museum.
There is a corner that introduces the overview and rules of Akan-Mashu National Park through a video, a large map showing the areas of Akan-Mashu National Park, an explanation of the nature and characteristics of the Akan region and the plants and animals that live there, an aquarium that displays the natural marimo and fish of Lake Akan, and various other exhibition areas.

Facility information

Activity Zone

This zone mainly displays the rich natural environment of the Akan area of Akan-Mashu National Park, and also introduces Ainu culture.

Other exhibits include life-size specimens of trees commonly found in the Akan area and brown bear specimens. The entire floor is covered with aerial photographs of the Akan region.

Information Zone
A map of the entire Akan-Mashu National Park, a guide map of the fields around Lake Akan, and information on the appearance of brown bears are posted here.

Aquarium Exhibit
Located in the Activity Salon, the aquarium exhibits the ecology of Marimo and Lake Akan fishes. Natural Marimo can be seen only at two locations: Chuului Island (*accessible only by sightseeing boat) and this center.

Cafe Zone
A relaxing space with a fireplace and animal wood carvings facing the forest behind the Akankohan Eco Museum Center. Eating and drinking are OK, and you can also enjoy reading books. (Books on nature, Akan and the outdoors are also available.)

Planned Exhibitions
Handmade planned exhibitions by the center staff. Exhibits change depending on the season and time of year.

Video Exhibits
Visitors can view four types of videos (about 10 minutes each), including an overview of Akan-Mashu National Park. Flyers with information on events at Lake Akan Onsen and other information are posted nearby.

Lecture Room
This space is used for events, lectures, and special exhibitions. Other exhibits include the history of the Maeda Ippoen Foundation and information about Marimo.

Rental Corner
Snowshoes, walking skis, and boots are available for rent. Reservations can be made in advance.

Souvenir Corner
Pin badges, original goods of the Center, beverages, etc. are sold. If you wish to purchase “souvenir marimo”, please buy it at a nearby souvenir store.

Winter Rental Equipment

In winter, you can walk through beautiful snow-covered forests in various places in the Akan area, such as the Onneto and the Bokke Trail behind the Akan Lakeside Eco Museum Center. Why not strap on snowshoes or walking skis and head out into the wilderness to see the spectacular winter scenery?

Bokke boardwalk:2hours rental
Walking around Onnetou:1day rental

snowshoes set700-1,100-snowshoes
rubber boots

※If you need it.
Walking ski set700-1,100-Ski Shoes
Ski Plates
Ski Pole
rubber boots550-rubber boots