Q1 How much is the Admission fee?

A It’s free!

Q2 Is there a parking lot??

A There is no parking lot. If you want to use the parking lot, please use “the Akankohan Shore No. 1 Parking Lot”. If you have a disability, please use the parking lot for the disabled at our center.

Q3 Do you have wheelchair rentals?

A Yes. If you wish, please ask the staff.

Q4 Is there a space for eating and drinking?

A You can eat and drink in the “café zone”. Please feel free to use it.

Q5 Is there a place to draw drinking water?

A Please use the water supply next to the entrance of the center(outside). Please note that it is not available during the winter months.

A From our center to Bokke, it is a flat paved road that takes about 10 minutes on foot. If you go around the promenade, it takes about 45 minutes on foot.ボッケ遊歩道地図

Q2 Is there a time when I can’t walk along the Bokke trail?

A It is open 24 hours a day. However, if there is a fallen tree or brown bear infestation, the road may be prohibited.

Q3 Can I bring my pet?

A Except for service dogs, it is prohibited to walk with dogs.

Q4 Is it possible to pass by bicycle?

A There is prohibited. Bokke can only be reached on foot.

Q5 Beside the Bokke trail, are there any other trails where you can take a nature walk?

A Yes.There are Takiguchi trail and Onneto trail. In addition,by requesting a guide from the “Maeda ippouen zaidan” ,you can visit areas that are usually off-limits,such as the「Hikarino Mori」.

Q6 Is it possible to walk on the Bokke trail even in winter?

A Yes.However, snowshoes may be required as there is no snow removal. Please contact our center for the latest information.

Q1 Where can I buy Marimo souvenirs?

A You can buy them at souvenir shops in the hot spring town.

Q2 Where can I see “Marimo”at Lake Akan?

A Marimo can only be seen at two locations:our center and the Marimo Exhibition and .Marimo in nature is heavily protected, so you can’t usually see it.However, you may be able to see natural marimo in their habitat by attending one of the Center’s events or other events.

Q1 What kind of clothing should I wear?

A Spring and autumn are cool, but mornings and evenings are as cold as winter in Tokyo. Long sleeves are required.
 In winter, early morning temperatures can drop below -10 degrees, and there are days when temperatures drop below 0 degrees during the day, and it snows a lot. Please take adequate precautions against the cold in winter, such as wearing snow boots and gloves.
 Summer is relatively cool. There are also hot days when temperatures exceed 30 degrees, so we recommend wearing clothes that can be adjusted to your temperature.

Q2 Can I go around the shores of Lake Akan?

A You can’t。The road on the north side of Lake Akan is privately owned by the Maeda Ippoen Foundation and is therefore off-limits.

Q3 How long does it take to drive from Akankohan eco museum center to Onneto?

A It is 30 minutes to the “Onneto Deck” where you can view the Onneto.There is no bus service to Onneto, so please use your own car, rental car, or cab.

Q4 Can I visit Onneto in winter?

A It can only be reached on foot.For more information, please see “Onneto in Winter.
*Because of the lack of cell phone reception, please make sure to check the route in advance and be well prepared.