The Takiguchi Waterfall is about five minutes by car from the Akankohan Eco-museum Center. The waterfall is at the foot of the Mt. Oakan Trail. Lake Akan is long, with small islands dotting the lake’s surface that resemble a miniature garden, located just past its narrow inlets. The waters of the lake flow into the waterfall, and then to the Akan River.

Takiguchi trail

The Takiguchi Nature Trail connects the Bokke trail behind the Akankohan Eco Museum Center to the Takiguchi Waterfall. Along the way, you can walk through a mixed forest of broadleaf and coniferous trees, and on sunny days you can enjoy a pleasant walk bathed in sunlight filtering through the trees. Occasionally you can reach the lakeshore and enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Akan. As you approach the Takiguchi Waterfall, you will see huge rocks that are unique to volcanic regions. The trail is narrow and the slope is steep, so you will need clothing and shoes suitable for light mountain climbing. In addition, there are reports of brown bear sightings every year in this area, so please take precautions against brown bears by carrying a bear bell and bear spray.

access information

Akankohan Eco Museum Center → Take National Route 240 towards Kushiro (5 minutes by car)
→ Arrive at Takiguchi (Mt.Oakan Mountain Trailhead)