Mt.Hakuto〈Distance:approx.2km(one-way) time:1hr30min(one-way)〉

Mt. Hakuto rises 950m above sea level and is south of Lake Akan. The Mt. Hakuto Observatory, at an altitude of 800m, can be reached by taking the scenic walking trail from the ski area south of Lake Akan. From the Akankohan Eco-museum Center, it is a 5min drive to the ski area, and it is then approximately 2km, or 1hr30min one-way, on foot to the observatory. The viewing deck affords a panorama view of Lake Akan, Mt. Oakan, and the surrounding forest as far as Mt. Meakan

Mt.Hakuto trail

After departing from the ski resort Nature House, you will go through the beginner course of the ski resort (on the left side) to Mt. Hakuto. On the way up the slope, you can look back and see the magnificent scenery of Lake Akan.This course has an interesting volcanic landscape.

Mt.Hakuto Observatory

The Mt.Hakuto Observatory is located on a “mountain” (elevation 788m) about 500m east of the summit of Mt. Hakuto, and has high geothermal heat and almost no snow in winter. You can see Mt. Oakan and Lake Akan on the north side.

access information

Mt. Hakuto Trailhead 
Akankohan Eco Museum Center → National Route 241 towards Akankohan Ski Resort (5 minutes by car) → Akankohan Ski Resort
※The gate to the Akankohan Ski Resort will open in early June, allowing car traffic.