Bokke trail

Bokke trail〈Distance:1.5km time:45分〉

The Bokke trail runs from the Akankohan Eco Museum Center through the Bokke to the sightseeing boat dock, allowing you to casually enjoy the nature of Lake Akan. Bokke is about a 10-minute walk north from the back of the Akankohan Eco Museum Center. The beautiful and rich forest is home to wild animals such as woodpeckers, Ezo deer, and Ezo squirrels.


Bokke is a general term for mud volcanoes.The bokke area is located 10 minutes on foot from the Akankohan Eco-museum Center. Together with volcanic gases, gray mud from underground continuously builds up and erupts. They are recognizable not only by their appearance but also by their burbling sound and sulfur smell. The constant geothermal activity in these spots even prevents snow from accumulating during winter.

Skunk cabbage

Every year from late April to mid-May, the white flowers of the skunk cabbage bloom in the wetlands behind the Akankohan Eco Museum Center, heralding the arrival of spring.

Forest path

This walking trail connects the Akankohan Eco Museum Center, the First Parking Lot, and the Bokke trail. It is a course that walks along the ridge of the mountain behind the Akankohan Eco Museum Center, and allows you to enjoy a quiet and rich forest.
Compared to the Bokke trail, the trail is narrower and more inclined, giving it an atmosphere more like a mountain trail. It is about 1 km from the First Parking Lot to the Bokke, and takes about a 25-minute walk. If you have time, try walking it.