Lake Akan

Akankohan enchi

This is a paved area by the lake.
It is easily accessible near the Lake Akan Onsen Hot Spring Resort area, and anyone can easily see the view of Lake Akan. The “Lake Akan” signboard is also a great place to take commemorative photos.

Akankohan viewing platform

This is an observation deck that offers a convenient view of Lake Akan. From in front of the Nature House at the ski resort, go up the gravel road on the right side of the ski course to the parking lot. It takes about 3 minutes to get there. It is only open during the summer season as it is located halfway up the ski course.

access information

Lake Akan Park
Lake Akan Eco Museum Center → Head towards the hot spring town (3 minutes walk) → Turn right at Hotel Hanayuuka → Lake Akan Park

Akankohan Observatory
Akankohan Eco Museum Center → Route 241, Akankohan Ski Resort (5 minutes by car) → Akankohan Observatory Parking Lot → Walk (3 minutes) → Akankohan Observatory